Ellie Schoenbaum, MD

1300 Morris Park Ave.
Mail: Belfer 1312
Office: Mazer 518

Bronx, NY 10461

(718) 430-2518
(718) 430-3076

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Dr. Schoenbaum is the head of the Division of Education and Bioethics, Director, PhD in Clinical Investigation, and Director of the Clinical Research Training Program.

My current research focuses on HIV, drug use and women's health. Aging has emerged as an important issue for HIV infected persons, in light of treatment with HAART and increased survival. I have a grant to prospectively study the natural history of menopause in HIV infected women. In addition the study focuses on diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease as common post-menopausal clinical sequelae. This study and a companion study of aging HIV infected men with similar outcomes, are the core projects of the AIDS Research Program at Montefiore Medical Center of which I am the Director. The program is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of researchers who work together on inter-related studies.

Division: Research and Training in Education and Bioethics
Campus: Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus

Research Interests: AIDS; Educational & Methods; Women's Health

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