CJ Segal-Isaacson, EdD, RD
Assistant Professor

1300 Morris Park Avenue
Mazer 220E

Bronx, NY 10461

(718) 430-2161
(718) 430-8634

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My current works focuses on both the epidemiology and metabolic aspects of low carbohydrate weight loss diets.

I am also the Course Director for the Nutrition Course at AECOM. The Nutrition Course is vertically integrated through the four years of the medical school curriculum and also has postgraduate components.

Other current research interests include:
1. The long term health effects of low versus high glycemic load of foods.

2. The nutritional aspects of immigrant populations and acculturation.

3. Breast cancer and nutrition.

Division: Health Promotion and Nutrition Research
Campus: Jack and Pearl Resnick Campus

Research Interests: Adherence Issues in Nutrition ; AIDS; Cancer Epidemiology; Cardivascular disease among Chinese; Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome; Heterocyclic amines and cancer; HIV and women/families; Low Carbohydrate weight loss diets; Nutrition Issues in Special Populations; Preventive Medicine

Research Projects: Diabetes Dietary Study (DDS); The CCARB Study; The Metabolic Impact Pilot Study

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Web Link for the CCARB Study
The CCARB Study is the first prospective study of people who use low carbohydrate diets. Each participant will be followed for three years via Internet-administered questionnaires. We are also collecting objectively measured weights at annual time points from participants. CCARBS opened to participants in late January 2003. We currently have approximately 2,500 participants.
The CCARBS Study

The AECOM Nutrition Course Website
The AECOM Nutrition Course website contains nutrition cases, presentations, assessment tools and other features which we hope will be useful to the spectrum of medical professionals from students through attendings. The site is an outgrowth of the National Academic Award Project, a five year award from the National Heart, Blood and Lung Institute of the National Institutes of Health to incorporate more nutrition into AECOM's curriculum at all levels.
AECOM Nutrition Theme Course