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A listing of active Research Projects is below. Click on title to find out more.
Hispanic Community Children’s Health: Study of Latino Youth (SOL-Youth) P.I.: Carmen R Isasi, MD, PhD
Funding Agency:
Start Date: 04/01/2011    End Date: 11/30/2014
Role of Sex Hormone and Insulin/IGF Axes in Endometrial Cancer Recurrence P.I.: Max O'Donnell, MD (secondary appt)
Funding Agency:
National Cancer Institute, NIH (R01)
Start Date: 08/01/2009    End Date: 07/31/2013
Serum Levels of EGFR-Signaling-Network Activators/Inhibitor and Risk of Lung Cancer P.I.: Gloria Y.F. Ho, PhD, MPH (voluntary appt)
Funding Agency:
Start Date: 09/01/2010    End Date: 08/31/2013
Study of Latinos: Nutrition & Physical Activity Assessment Study (SOLNAS) P.I.: Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, PhD, RD, CDN
Funding Agency:
National Heart Lung & Blood Institute
Start Date: 04/25/2010    End Date: 03/31/2014
Sueño - Sleep Habits in the Hispanic Community Health Study P.I.: Yasmin Mossavar-Rahmani, PhD, RD, CDN, Sanjay R. Patel, MD
Funding Agency:
Start Date: 07/01/2010    End Date: 06/30/2014
Training Program in Research Ethics in the Americas P.I.: Ruth Macklin, PhD (emerita)
Funding Agency:
Fogarty International Center of NIH
Start Date: 10/01/2006    End Date: 09/30/2016
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